An introductory text about technologies used by 20A company


One of advantages for our clients
is IT-department of 20A. It is a team of professionals ready to meet challenges of any complexity

20A uses Manhattan SCALE software as a WMS solution. The advantages of Manhattan SCALE include flexible configuration and ensuring of all warehouse operations related to accounting, planning, the movement of goods, warehouse personnel management, and reporting. Use of RF terminals guarantees error minimization.

we use
Manhattan SCALE

Manhattan SCALE is integrated with the ERP-systems Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics Nav, SAP R/3, Oracle Retail, JD Edwards, and 1C via BizTalk Server. BizTalk Server is a powerful Microsoft product, which establishes a flexible and reliable connection with our partners.

The client’s personal account contains individually customized reports and analysis developed with allowance for the client’s requirement specification. Thanks to this, cooperation becomes easy and dynamic.

Anytime and anywhere, our clients can obtain information about the status of their goods at the warehouse, obtain analytical data, connect to the warehouse web camera and watch the warehouse in real time, send a request to the quality department, and contact their personal manager on Skype.


Our experts created a portal with reports, analytical data, and video monitoring

24 hour
control of your goods

Our new solution reflects the Company’s
development strategy, according to which we aim to use new technologies, new solutions, new equipment, and enhance our procedures, improving the quality and efficiency.

Lean manufa­cturing

Lean manufacturing technologies
are an important way to improve the quality of services rendered by 20A.

Lean production principle appeared in the result of searching for a novel idea about development. Many companies wondered how to retain their clients and maintain their position in a serious competition. Lean manufacturing ideas are clearly formulated in the kaizen principles (which can be translated as 'wise changes'). Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy or practice focused on the continuous improvement of all production processes.

According to the lean manufacturing techniques, improvements start from a detailed analysis of all the actions performed. The working group carefully studies technologies, discovering opportunities to save time and resources. At the same time, the workspace is transformed so as to correspond as much as possible to the problems solved.

«Wise change»
to improve processes


Thus, we discover hidden reserves and create conditions for changes in separate process plants, which allows us to improve the quality of our services and increase labor productivity.

Lean manufacturing principles are widely used in 20A. Projects with the use of kaizen methods were implemented virtually in all departments.

Thanks to the use of specially selected music at the warehouse, the Company improved the working conditions and increased labor productivity. The main result is an enhanced quality of client service.

The use of music at the warehouse shows the Company’s concern about its employees. To implement this project, our Company turned to the experts with a positive experience in the use of music in various spheres of activities. Logistics production takes efforts and requires attention concentration for the operation of technical equipment. It is at this time when choice music becomes useful. Rhythmical and unobtrusive melodies help work accurately and consistently, reducing the emotional load and fatigability.


20A is the first logistics agency
to use this know-how


Music maintains sustained attention, which makes labor more efficient. An important result is enhanced labor productivity: according to our experts’ estimates, it increased by 10-12%. Other significant effects include stress relief, lesser proneness to conflicts, reduction in the number of mistakes made, and higher labor satisfaction. Thus, music broadcasting at 20A warehouses improved the client service. Music implementation at a warehouse is an innovation with a «human face», which proved its efficiency in the production process.