The logistics market goes online

The logistics market goes online

The development of logistics services on the Russian market is closely related to the broad usage of internet technology. Popular online services make interactions between providers and clients transparent, increasing competition. Thanks to this, the quality of services is improving. However, there are also problems – virtual communication provides an opening for thieves.

In an article titled “acquaintanceship sites”, Kommersant above all references the dynamic development of transport exchanges. The reason these are in demand is that they allow freight owners and logistics companies both to reduce costs and secure additional revenue. By posting information on the website (exchange) about the route, it’s possible to attract expeditors or other freight senders (including for the return trip).

Among the other obvious advantages of online exchanges are broad territorial coverage and speed of search (finding automobiles at any point in Europe, choosing an acceptable cost of services). There are also websites which help freight owners develop a route and select an appropriate carrier – meaning they serve an intermediary function.

Unfortunately, virtual communication is for the time being vulnerable to thieves, who occasionally copy the data of well-known shipping companies, thereby expropriating freight. However, according to the experts, this problem is entirely solvable through risk-protection mechanisms, “similar to the procedures for listing shares on the stock market while accounting for the sector’s specifics”. In addition, interested companies plan to develop standards (essentially a broadly-acknowledged set of KPI), which will allow for regulating the activities of transport exchanges and controlling the quality of services provided.

According to specialists, the advantages of virtual services outweigh the possible drawbacks: “the emergence of transport exchanges and their rising popularity among users should make the market for logistics services more transparent”. Furthermore, “rising competition will surely affect the cost of shipments: in the chase for clients, expeditors will start to lower prices”. The full text of the Kommersant article is available on