Retailers on Logistics Market

Retailers on Logistics Market

CBRE experts note that specialized chain retailers are the most active consumers of storage space. The quantity of facilities they rent increases by 20-30% a year. The analysts reference the following numbers: retailers (including retail chain operators and online retail operators), logistics companies and companies from the FMCG sector have increased their share of the total demand volume for modern warehouse facilities to 75%.

Also remaining in a condition of systemic growth of total warehouse space are the logistics operators. Every year, this segment absorbs approximately 15-20% of new storage space supply.

Regarding specific segments, the experts forecast rising interest in warehouse space on the part of online retailers, who presently occupy 6% of all warehouse facilities in Moscow region.

Meanwhile, the proportion of company-manufacturers in Moscow region’s total demand volume fell to 20%, which is attributable to a drop in manufacturing output in the region and substantial focusing on retail space development. This, in turn, can be explained by the large concentration of shoppers in Russia’s capital.

The average size of warehouse rental varies across business types. The largest average belongs to FMCG warehouses, which require vast distribution centers to organize logistics. In this segment the typical block totals 34 thoussq.m (for comparison, the market average is 16 thoussq.m).

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