South-East Region of Moscow Oblast sets a record for the number of warehouses

South-East Region of Moscow Oblast sets a record for the number of warehouses.

The largest share of new supply in the first half of the year – 308,000 sqm, which is 40% of all the new warehouses commissioned in the period under review – appeared in the a southeastern direction. Almost all newly opened storage facilities are located along the Novoryazanskoye Highway.

According to S.A. Ricci, this is the first time that such a quantity of storage premises has come onto the market in the South-East Region. The next most active regions for warehouse development in the Moscow Oblast are the northern (Leningradskoye and Dmitrovskoye Highways) and southern (Simferopolskoye and Kashirskoye Highways) directions. Since the beginning of 2014, the North saw the openings of the ‘Dmitrov, building B’ Logopark by the Ghelamco Company and the PNK-North Sheremetyevo, buildings 9 and 11. Opening for business in the South were the Pokrov Logopark and PNK-Chekhov II, buildings 6 and 7.

Experts predict that the major increase in supply in the second half of 2014 will be distributed between two main regions – the North and South of the Moscow Oblast, accounting for 28% and 32%, respectively. Approximately the same quantity should enter the market in these regions by the end of 2015, which will increase the risk of over-supply in the North and South regions of Moscow Oblast, and can cause some downward pressure on rental rates, due to rising vacancy indicators, at least until the a balance in supply and demand is restored.