Our way consists in understanding the specifics of the Client’s business and creating services which would meet their demands and objectives

Household appliances

We offer a flexible solution in terms of operation processes. Warehouse topology optimization with allowance for the European experience. Regular audit of warehouse processes and implementation of KPI improvement measures. Timely delivery of cargoes according to the approved schedule, twenty-four-hour order packing system, return of supporting documents with prompt closing of financial reporting for each delivery.

Manage seasonal

Warehouse topology optimization with allowance for the European experience:

  • Rack structure disassembly in an area of about 9,000 m2;
  • Installation of additional equipment for safety enhancement.

Regular audit of warehouse processes and implementation of KPI improvement measures

Some rack structures were returned to increase the utilization coefficient. Nowadays the utilization coefficient is the second in Europe.

line creation

A unique line for the entire European subdivision of the company – to support the high level of quality and brand.

We provide the clients in this segment with a complete package of services, organize the delivery of components for production facilities, carry out warehouse processing, and deliver service spare parts to the dealer network. We have a positive experience in the processing of large agricultural vehicles.

Auto­motive equipment

Number of articles >90000

Warehouse topology adaptation with allowance for the cargo traffic nature:

  • Warehouse topology adaptation with allowance for the cargo traffic nature:
  • Floor-level zone for oversized cargoes;
  • Cantilever racks for long vehicles;
  • Zone for vertical storage of the glass;
  • Shelf storage in the picking zone.

Utilization enhancement
thanks to immersion into processes

Special packing materials were bought; a standard mezzanine cell is divided into 48 address cells.


The cross-docking platform allows us to cooperate with numerous suppliers, taking into account stringent requirements for product delivery to networks, to combine various shipping strategies. Product adaptation to the client’s requirements. Response to seasonality.

Improv­ing KPI perfomance
every year

Combination of different options
for storage and rating in one project

Daily updating of the image bank on the server

Special space for photo report exchange

training programs

for employees of Husqvarna
and 20А


During the «peak season», storage volume increases by 40%, processing volume — by 80%.

Adjustment of carburetors for garden equipment

Unique additional service


Supplementing orders with warranty certificates in Russian


The main task performed by us is shortening of the logistics chain and optimization of the clients’ costs with allowance for stringent requirements for goods in this segment. Our capacities allow us to create supply chains, shorten order processing time, and facilitate entry to new markets in Russia and around the world.


Optimiza­tion of client

WMS settings:

  • Item-by-item accounting in WMS system – model/size/color;
  • Accounting by collections — accounting of a model only, without indication of size and/or color;
  • Accounting and distribution of promotional materials for new collections: catalogues, window displays, souvenirs, and other POSM.

Backflow service

At the end of seasons

The possibility of additional security measures

  • Additional security post at the entrance to a dedicated storage area
  • Additional video camera in the area picking
  • The possibility of installing cameras with on-line translation
  • The enclosure of the mezzanine rack storage areas prof - sheet or mesh netting with a small cross section.

in isolated
protected area

On the mezzanine level staff access only RFID map

in stores

The agreed days
and time intervals.